Top 3 places for vaping in Bangalore

Bangalore is a city known for its forward minded people who are early adopters of new products and technology. This is the reason why that amongst all major cities, Bangalore has the highest number of adult smokers who have switched to vaping. And the city was the first to catch the trend of vaping back in 2016 when e cigs are not so well known as they are today. While the city is huge and there are lots of places one can enjoy one’s vape, here are our top 3 choices.

  1. Cubbon Park: This park which is technically called Sri Chamarajendra Park is based right in the middle of Bengaluru. It has a rich history. It was created about 150 years ago under the command of Major General Richard Sankey, who was at the time a Chief Engineer of Mysore state in British India era. The total size of the park was 100 acres, but was later extended to spread across a total of 300 acres. This park is the lungs of Bangalore, and if you are a smoker who cannot or won’t quit combustible cigarettes, think about your lungs and perhaps switch to a less harmful alternative.
  1. 100 Feet Road, Indira Nagar: Also knows as Dr S. K. Karim Khan Road, the 100 Feet Road is a popular road full of branded stores and bars with a very active night life catering to younger (adult) Bangalorians. A posh section of the road in Defence Colony was first built in the 1960s by the Mysore Sub Area Officers Housing Colony. Now due to inflated real estate prices of commercial spaces, all the residential areas/houses have been converted to shops/bars. Some of the top bars in the area include 1131 Bar & Kitchen, Toit, Three Dots & A Dash, Loft 38 etc.
  1. Koramangala Bars & Cafes: Kormangala is a popular area for hang outs for both the residents and the visitors. This place is also known to house many start ups, and hence a start up work culture can be felt with ‘work hard part hard’ kind of an attitude. The top cafes here are Bamey’s Restro café which resembles a Nepali home, serving authentic Nepali food and Jhol and Kothey Momos. The Bier Library is a unique place with open-air sitting, craft beer, freshly baked pizzas, and live music. The Local - Terrace Drinkery is a super place when you want to hit the terrace, order some reasonably prices beer, and munch on some bar nibbles.


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