Top 3 places for vaping in North Goa

We are in love with Goa. The beaches, the sun, the bars, and the people are just amazing, and it makes for a perfect holiday! While South Goa is more quiet and more apt for those seeking a peaceful break, North Goa is certainly more exciting and full of life and action. Our team enthusiasts were kind enough to agree of their top 3 places for vaping in North Goa.

  1. Sunset Point, Anjuna Beach: This is a happening area with lots of night life and popular bars. The streets are narrow and full of small boutique shops owned by the locals selling bangles, clothes, memorabilia etc. Some of the top bars in this area include Purple Martini, The Flying Goat, Romeo Lane. The views are excellent even though the beach is rocky and not apt for swimming. People here are super friendly and will not typically object if you vape inside their bars or on the streets. 
  1. Asagao, Mapusa: Imagine a street with lovely evergreen forest on both sides, and on that street are some spaciously constructed Portugal-times houses. Some of the famous restaurants here are Gunpowder, Izumi (Japanese cuisine) and Mustard Café. Surprisingly all these 3 bars/restaurants are places next to each other. So one can easily hop from one place to the other and enjoy these stunning properties.
  1. Calangute Beach: This is a popular wide beach known for food stalls (Seafood, fresh fruits such as Pineapple and Coconuts), parasailing, boating, skiing. During peak season (November to March) there are ample number of tourists here from all parts of India and the world. During the monsoon season of June till September, swimming is restricted. This is an ideal place to be on sand and vape-away all one’s worries.


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