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I ordered and got my vape so quickly it was hard to believe.
Everything about this company including delivery and outer packing is so professional
and smooth!


Customer service is amazing..had a small issue and had to
change my address, I reached out to them via email thinking who will respond,
but I got a prompt reply and issue got sorted with no questions asked.


A friend told me about this site and I am soo happy to have
found it, everything is convenient now..i do recommend peach and strawberry
flavours they are really good..


Love the flavours and disposables available in this store,
one of the best which are mostly available in US..personal favourites are Elf and Pacha


Brief History of JUUL

Brief History of JUUL The evolution of vaping Much has changed since the emergence of the modern day vaping culture that originated in UK and Europe from roughly 2015, which then spread to USA, and then finally to the Middle East and South Asia since the year 2017 onwards. The industry has evolved from cigarette-style disposable e-cigarettes, to...
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Top 3 places for vaping in North Goa

Top 3 places for vaping in North Goa We are in love with Goa. The beaches, the sun, the bars, and the people are just amazing, and it makes for a perfect holiday! While South Goa is more quiet and more apt for those seeking a peaceful break, North Goa is certainly more exciting and full of life and action. Our team enthusiasts were kind enough t...
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Top 3 places for vaping in Bangalore

Top 3 places for vaping in Bangalore Bangalore is a city known for its forward minded people who are early adopters of new products and technology. This is the reason why that amongst all major cities, Bangalore has the highest number of adult smokers who have switched to vaping. And the city was the first to catch the trend of vaping back in 20...
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Top 5 places to vape in Gurgaon or Gurugram

Top 5 places to vape in Gurgaon or Gurugram Gurugram, meaning the land of the ‘guru’ or spiritual leader, which was earlier named as Gurgaon, is the leading commercial city in Haryana, though it is not the official capital of the state. The city has a population of around 12 lakh, and is an emerging hub for premium office spaces, residential loc...
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Introduction to vaping with FAQs

I am switching from smoking to vaping, what should I start with?

“If you are not a smoker, do not vape.

If you are a smoker, quit.

If you cannot quit, then switch.”

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