The following is an informative ‘STOP’ Terms & Conditions. By placing an order of STOP products, you are acknowledging that you are in full agreement of these Terms & Conditions:

The website is meant for adult smokers of the age of 18 or above. Your presence on this site is an agreement that you are of legal smoking age. Misrepresentation of age is a liability on part of the customer. We ask you with all seriousness to leave the website immediately if you are under 18 years old.

The products are not for medical use and not for people with unstable heart condition, pregnant or breast-feeding women. This is not a proven cessation device. Several studies demonstrate that e-cigarettes/vaping is significantly less harmful than smoking tobacco. Products are meant to be used at your own discretion.


It is the responsibility of the customer to enter the correct delivery address for products. If you have entered an incorrect mailing address, then please get back to us as soon as possible, and if the package has not left for delivery, we will edit the mailing address.


STOP is not liable to any loss or damage caused wholly or mainly by your breach of our Terms & Conditions. We hereby disclaim any and all liability for personal injury, product defect and/ or failure, claims that arise that are due to normal usage, misuse of products, abuse of products, product modifications, improper product selection.


STOP is complaint with government rules for sale of electronic cigarette products including e liquids to adults above 18 years of age. To prevent underage sales, we may physically verify the age of the buyer at the time of final delivery before the shipment is released if you look below the age of 25 years.